a poem by Mike Berger

As a shrink, I see every day
people chained to misery.
Their woes are shackled to them by
themselves Over time they habituate.
Each day their burden grows; it is a
malignant thing.

I counsel them on how to rid themselves
of their burdens using guided imagery. I
asked them to go home and follow these
steps. Get out a mental suitcase and stuff
it full of guilt, remorse, and shame.
Have your travel agent to book a
good hotel and get tickets to a
Broadway play. At check-in
be delighted that you don’t have
to paying the $15 to check in your
imaginary bag.

Hop on the plane with eager anticipation.
You will soon have no more baggage
to tote around, when the airline
loses your luggage. Throw away your
baggage claim stub, steer wide and clear
of the lost and found.

© 2011, Mike Berger