It’s been a long time in the making, and we’re getting closer to the finish line. Early thanks go out to the wonderful people who published excerpts from FREIGHT along the way, namely Kevin Murphy of Dark Sky Magazine, Jason Diamond of Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and Courtney Eldridge of Blip Magazine. Shots of encouragement, no matter the dosage, go a long way. Thanks again to these three folks for jabbing the needle into my arm and then pressing the plunger.

Also, thank yous and congratulations are in order for all the people who took part in the FREIGHT collective. Community plays a big role in the world of independent publishing, and your willingness to participate creates far-reaching ripples of goodness, it really does. Thank you again.

And, of course, thanks to my publisher J.S. Graustein of Folded Word Press for pulling all of this together. Without you, freight would still exist, in all of its forms, but the book FREIGHT certainly would not.

Which brings us to the here and now. Why are we here and what happens now? Well, this is an opportunity for creative types (YOU) to shrug off some freight of your own. It’s a chance to share and participate. And it begins with I Found, the opening chapter of the novel. Be sure to take a look at the guidelines HERE.

But make yourself comfortable, by all means. Nose around a bit. Take a look at things. Figure out what the rock I’m talking about if you have no idea. And when you’re ready, we’ll be ready for you and your freight. Our shoulders are strong.

Best, Mel Bosworth